Just Keep Reading!

Reading to your children has a multitude of benefits from teaching the brain to focus (even momentarily) to inspiring curiosity across many subjects. Children are innately hungry to learn and be exposed to new information, and reading is an easy gateway into a variety of cultures, fields, and eras and reading is a sure-fire way to continue learning past your years in a classroom.

However, once a child learns to read, it is easy for that special one-on-one reading time to dwindle. While independent reading time is critical, it is also important to continue the tradition of bedtime or downtime reading between parents and children because it is one of the easiest ways to have quality family time. Sharing the reading of an age-appropriate book can be a way to open up discussions and introduce topics that may otherwise be uncomfortable to broach, and it keeps parents abreast of their child’s interests.

Keeping a well-curated home library can be a time consuming and expensive pursuit, but the search for new volumes at book fairs, book stores, and libraries can be an exciting weekend adventure for the whole family. Independent book stores and book festivals such as this weekend’s LA Times Festival of Books at USC have guest speakers and creative events perfect for peaking young readers’ interests and broadening their literary horizons. You can never have too many titles so read on!

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