The Power Of Art

Seven Arrows creates an environment where students are immersed in culture, creativity, and innovative thinking across disciplines. Art is a powerful tool and artistic expression allows students to connect with the curriculum in a meaningful and thought-provoking way. Not only does art provide a means for students to think outside the box but builds effective memory retention techniques and enhances learning. Connecting art to curriculum creates emotional cognition that leaves a lasting memory of classroom content. A study conducted by Mariale Hardiman, John Hopkins professor, found,“arts integration instruction led to long-term retention of science concepts at least as successfully as conventional science teaching. Arts integration was particularly helpful for students with the lowest reading scores.” Critical thinking and true understanding of concepts are greater achieved through the use of connecting art inside the classroom. It allows for a space for students at different learning levels to grasp concepts that will stick and create long lasting cognitive schemas.

Multidimensional learning, or as we like to call it, cross-disciplinary learning, allows for deeper knowledge and understanding of challenging concepts. Our students are constantly immersed in integrated studies that connect art with history and scientific concepts. El Dia de Los Muertos is an example of a rich cultural event that allows our students to strengthen the connection between the history of this Mexican tradition and the artistic expressions that stem from historical events.

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