There is nothing like helping young athletes develop discipline, resilience, leadership, and their work ethic. These lessons learned on the field translate to everyday life. If they can use just one, I’ve made an impact.

Francis “Fran” Kirkwood, Seven Arrows Athletic Director

Go Seahawks!

Seven Arrows is a member of the Coastal Canyon League, and our upper-school students (grades 4-6) compete with other schools in all the league’s team sports offerings. Home games are supported by many members of our community and are played at Palisades Recreation Center’s state-of-the-art facility.

Team Sports:

  • Girls’ Basketball (fall)
  • Boys’ Basketball (winter)
  • Girls’ Volleyball (winter)
  • Coed Soccer (spring)

The opportunity to be on a team for a supportive and challenging athletic experience provides benefits that last a lifetime. All upper-school students are encouraged to participate in a team sport. Since our teams are small, each of our athletes plays an invaluable role and has plenty of time on the court or field.