Creating a Culture of Wellness for All

Since the school’s inception, Seven Arrows has prioritized student wellness and social-emotional development. Our Dean of Students’ role is unlike traditional deans who solely focus on the academic areas. Our Dean, Darren Nakasuji is primarily responsible for ensuring that our students are equipped with the skills and proficiencies needed to be socially and emotionally mature individuals. You can find him at any moment of the day intently engaging with a student one-on-one, meeting with teachers to craft a social success plan for any given student, or just hanging out in the trenches with our students. Darren is acutely observing every individual child to ensure that they are happy and safe. With school-age children spending from six to seven hours per day at school, we maintain that wellness is a non-negotiable as educators. 

At Seven Arrows, we also understand that if we are called to teach mindfulness and model awareness and self-regulation, everyone has to have the opportunity to model and practice. Creating a culture of wellness is incomplete without the involvement of our administration and faculty members. Ultimately, we see wellness as one of the largest responsibilities of educators. Every child, every person, and every family deserves access to tools and resources that promote healthy habits and thoughts.  Paying careful attention to every human in our community is a big undertaking, and our small school is up for the challenge. By focusing on each individual student’s range of social, and emotional traits, we have created a multifaceted program guided by one of our seven core values; empathy. A wellness program that helps each student master their physical and emotional well-being equips that individual with the confidence and awareness to embrace all the challenges the world may have for them in the future.