Changing Education Paradigms

“Our children are living in the most intensely stimulating period in the history of the earth. They’re being besieged with information and calls for their attention from every platform – computers, from iPhones, from hundreds of television channels and we’re penalizing them now for getting distracted.”
-Sir Ken Robinson, author and international advisor on education

How can we best educate children to succeed in the 21st century?  How can we even establish best practices if we cannot predict what technology or the economy will look like in the upcoming future?

In this RSA animation, Sir Ken Robinson, an accomplished author and international advisor on education, discusses ways in which education paradigms are changing.  The entire world is trying to establish best practices for educating students of the 21st century. Schools and families alike want to set children up for success in a new world of instant information, rapidly evolving technology, and global interconnectedness.  Schools are prioritizing 21st-century skills like collaboration, communication, technology literacy, and problem-solving, while also recognizing the imperative need to teach in a more student-centered approach that values character, globalization, and connection.  However, how can schools make these priorities if the current system of education was designed for a different era? Listen here to learn more about the importance of divergent thinking, collaboration, and human capacity.