The Seven Arrows Board of Trustees is composed of members elected to three-year terms, all working toward a common mission and vision. Membership is voted by the Board each spring for the following school year, on the basis of recommendations from the Nominating Committee.

The Board of Trustees and its supporting committees, staffed by Board and faculty members, actively engage in program, finance, and facilities planning, implementation, and oversight. The Board’s committees provide guidance and counsel to the Head of School and direction and support for the school’s operations, growth, and development.

Board members are chosen for their skills and expertise and to help ensure a balance and a background that will facilitate the strategic plans and vision of the school. They include lawyers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, grassroots leaders, educators, and professionals from finance, real estate, business, and marketing. They have a proven commitment to Seven Arrows and an interest in promoting education. We also retain emeritus members for continuity and outside support. To ensure that all constituencies at the school are represented, the Board includes ex officio members from the faculty as well.

2019 – 2020 Board of Trustees

Stephen Henning – Chairman
Sam Gustman – Vice-Chair
Peter Morrison – Vice-Chair
Amy Eldon – Nominating Chair

Sue Antoni
Winston Chappell
Michael Cohen
Diego Gutierrez
Micheal Kaplan
Brian Kaufman
Steven Kiralla
Jill Koplin
Michael LaSalle
Victoria Lerner
Mercedes Martinez
Sean Olson
Harry Salamandra, Jr.
James Siminoff
Brett Wyard
Kalika Yap

Margarita Pagliai – Ex-Officio
Jane Rose – Ex-Officio