The Seven Arrows athletics program includes traditional PE classes, karate, and dance (each with its own instructors) and is founded on the cultivation of mind and body in the physical development of children. Our program is designed to strengthen students’ social/emotional facility as well as their physical strengths while maintaining their emotional and physical safety as the number one priority. Students learn not only the skills and techniques necessary to thrive as athletes, but also—more important—to practice leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance. Our unique program offers diverse outlets for exploring various aspects of physical strength and development and invites our students to experience firsthand the idea that being an athlete can take multiple forms.

Seven Arrows is a member of the Coastal Canyon League, and our upper-school students compete with other schools in all the league’s team sports offerings:

  • Boys’/Girls’ Basketball
  • Coed Soccer
  • Girls’ Volleyball

Seven Arrows students have many opportunities to shine athletically, from Athletics Day events and team sports to our dance festival and annual Sixth-Grade Triathlon.