All prospective families begin with an inquiry form. Completing the inquiry provides an online account giving you access to our Admission Portal where you may sign up for a Campus Tour and submit an application. In addition, a checklist with due dates is provided to help guide you through the process.


Campus Tours are available to all prospective families in the current admissions season. We believe the best way to get to know our educational philosophy is to see it in action. Group Campus Tours are held on select Tuesdays in the fall from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Attending a Campus Tour is not required to apply to Seven Arrows.


The Seven Arrows application is broken down into five components on your Admission Portal checklist: Demographic Information, Student Questionnaire, Parent Questionnaire, Family Photo, and the Application Fee. All application components are completed online and due by the application deadline.


Applying for Kindergarten

A completed Preschool Evaluation Form must be submitted by a representative from the prospective student’s current preschool. From within the Admission Portal, this form is emailed to the school by parents and returned directly to Seven Arrows.

Applying for Grades 1-6

Three components must be submitted by the prospective student’s current school. Recommendations are emailed to the school and Transcripts uploaded by parents from within the Admissions Portal.

  • Teacher Recommendation Form
  • Head of School Recommendation Form
  • Transcripts


Applying for Kindergarten

Prospective students will be observed at their current preschool by the Seven Arrows Director of Admissions. The Admissions Office will make arrangements directly with the preschool to conduct a discrete observation while normal activities occur. These observations are scheduled in January and February, typically last 30-45 minutes, and do not involve any interaction with the prospective student.

For out-of-state applicants, an appointment will be scheduled so that the child may be observed at Seven Arrows.

Applying for Grades 1-6

Prospective students will visit the Seven Arrows campus where they will be observed by Seven Arrows teachers and administrators. During their visit, there will be opportunities for social engagement and academic assessments. Visits are one hour for applicants applying for grade 1, a half day for grade 2, a full day for grades 3-6, and scheduled for January and February. The Admissions Office will contact families after the application deadline to schedule these visits.


Parents will meet with Seven Arrows’ Head of School and Admissions Director for a conversation about their prospective student, the family’s educational goals, and to ask any questions they may have about Seven Arrows. These conversations typically last 30-45 minutes and take place after the application deadline. Parents will schedule this appointment from within the Admission Portal.


Seven Arrows understands the value and benefits of having all siblings attend the same school and we make all reasonable efforts to accommodate families in this way. However, we must ensure that all admitted students are ready for the academic rigor that a Seven Arrows education requires. In order to start the conversation about the sibling as early as possible, we ask siblings to complete the application and return all recommendations and transcripts by the beginning of November.

Seven Arrows accepts applications from prospective families for the current school year and late applications. However, whether or not these applications move forward is based on attrition and available spaces. Please contact the Admissions Office before applying.


November 4, 2019
Sibling Applications, Recommendations, and Transcripts Due

December 16, 2019

Admissions Application Due

January 17, 2020
Recommendations and Transcripts Due

February 14, 2020
Tuition Assistance Application and 2018 Tax Forms Due

March 13,2020
Admissions and Tuition Assistance Decisions Release

March 23, 2020

Family Decisions and Deposits Due

May 1, 2020
First Tuition Payment Due

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