A Message from our Head of School

Thank you so much for your interest in Seven Arrows Elementary School. After seventeen years,the Seven Arrows community continues to grow and amaze me with their passion for education. I am grateful to have meaningfully partaken in the lives of so many incredible children and families who have been part of our Seven Arrows Way of Education.

Success by our Seven Arrows standards is measured in one simple but fundamental way: Have we as a school inspired our students to be Passionate Learners, Compassionate Leaders? Are our students engaged and motivated to be lifelong learners? Do they embody integrity coupled with the skills needed to lead from the heart?

Every day that I walk on campus, the answer unmistakably presents itself through countless examples of our students as impassioned, ethical, loving, resilient, supportive, and motivated individuals who strive for excellence and make us all so proud. We can rest assured that these are the types of citizens we send into the world — citizens who will stand for what they believe in, who innovate and imagine, who make a difference in local and global communities, and who inspire and touch through their creativity and passion, thereby making our world a better place for all.

This is the power of a single community working together in the lives of our future generation. We are deeply committed to our world through our efforts and commitment to each child, and we invite impassioned parents with the same dedication to join our tight-knit community.

Thank you for your interest in our school.

Margarita Pagliai
Founder & Head of School