Teaching Excellence with a Dash of Drama

Teaching Excellence with a Dash of Drama
While the core subjects and rigorous academics are present throughout a Seven Arrows education, we also understand the value that the arts and athletics can have in supplementing and enriching the elementary experience. More and more, middle schools and higher education establishments are looking for well-rounded students who are engaged with their community. Brain research shows that an active body means an active mind, and engaging the right and left cranial hemispheres can increase attentiveness, engagement, and heighten one’s ability to excel. This is why the arts are so prevalent in our curriculum; we understand that in order for a child to succeed and truly find themselves, they must be exposed to a variety of disciplines that engage all of their brain.

Halfway through the year, Seven Arrows students shift gears from dance to drama class. The weekly dance classes are showcased in our Dia de los Muertos and Winter festivals, and the class drama units culminate in short plays presented to parents in the spring. Over the past two weeks, students have proudly (and possibly nervously) presented their plays to parents, siblings, and loved ones in our North Campus Innovation Labs. The plays ranged from fairy tale adaptations to Shakespeare classics, and each one challenged students to become a new character, something that is not always easy at a young age. Congratulations to our young actors and actresses on a job well done!

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