The Golden Moral Compass

As we gear up for tomorrow’s second half of our Black History Celebration, we are reminded of the power and importance of using your voice to support or remind others of what is right. The right to free speech has been so critical to the growth and history of our nation that it is the primary amendment in our founding Bill of Rights. What fuels the ideals and ideas behind free speech, our internal morals and voices, are not so frequently discussed but their development are vitally critical elements to mold in a child’s elementary years. Having the confidence and courage to speak up is important in and of itself, but without a concrete foundation of community morals, the right to free speech can easily be abused.

This is why it is critical to instill and refine a child’s moral compass from a young age. Our goal as a community of responsible parents is for our kids to do the right thing but also be guided by an internal moral compass that is providing them the right kind of self talk. Language is a powerful thing, and how we frame our communication (both in our verbal language and body language) can make all the difference in who our children are, but perhaps more importantly, how our children see themselves. Dr. Robin Berman beautifully articulates how our language as parents can help or hinder that self image. One of the hardest challenges to parenting is to keep our own emotions at bay while setting firm yet loving limits for our kids. She also discusses how critical it is to embody the examples and expectations that you have for your children.

We highly recommend  Dr. Berman’s Permission to Parent as a parenting resource and hope that you use this Friday’s Kuyam as a time to consider what part you are playing in aligning your child’s moral compass.