The Arrow Post, Seven Arrows’ student-led school newspaper, is a beloved tradition and leadership opportunity at Seven Arrows. Each year, a fifth or sixth grader who shows an interest in writing and the publishing process volunteers to spearhead the effort as editor-in-chief and oversees contributions from “staff” writers with the support of an equally committed assistant editor.

Our dedicated students take time from their lunch breaks and add to their homework responsibilities to accomplish this publication. Students steer all content and generate their own deadlines and goals, publishing about six issues each school year. Content has included current events, school events, editorials, sports, advice colums, art, photography, recipes, and even comic strips! The quality of these publications is second to none, and the students take pride in autonomously publishing their very own by-students, for-students newspaper.

Students from all grades have an opporunity to contribute their work to each publication, and thanks to their drive and commitment, the Arrow Post has become a much-anticipated aspect of our school community and a wonderful opportunity for budding writers, artistis, and reporters!