Studies have shown that immersion in a foreign language before the age of nine not only benefits students’ linguistic abilities, but their cognitive abilities as well. In other words, learning a second language is great for the brain! The Spanish language program has a rich presence at Seven Arrows and goes far beyond the goals of language acquisition; it adds to the school’s overall vision of developing students who view themselves as global citizens. The school is deeply committed to integrating Spanish language and Latin American and Spanish cultural awareness into its core curricular offering.

Spanish is taught in all grade levels several times weekly. The program is designed to provide a solid foundation in basic Spanish listening and speaking skills, to nurture a love of learning, and to instill and inspire respect and curiosity for Spanish-speaking cultures. Students develop a solid foundation, acquire ample vocabulary, and begin to understand and communicate using a multitude of modalities from music and theatre to personal experiences, poems, and Spanish language literature. Spanish is taught:

5 times per week for kindergarten – grade 1

4 times per week in grades 2 – 3

2 times per week in grades 4 – 6

Seven Arrows believes strongly in a literature-based approach to teaching language. Through literature, students engage in activities such as illustrating story scenes, learning vocabulary as the story progresses, and practicing written and auditory comprehension skills. Spanish at Seven Arrows has been known for its innovation and fundamental ties to the most current research in second language acquisition. The biggest strength of the program includes its focus on creating authentic, relevant cultural experiences that not only teach students Spanish language fundamentals, but also inspire students to appreciate the language and culture, further contextualizing the use of the language.

Spanish is seamlessly integrated cross-curricularly into art, music, drama, language arts, edible garden, technology and more. Our Spanish program also comes to life in two special global festivals: El Día de los Muertos in the fall and our Mother’s Day festivities, El Día de Madre, each spring.