At Seven Arrows, we value partnering with parents in every way. We are constantly looking to them for important feedback and support. In fact, we think that this partnership is what makes our community so special. We share, we respond, and we work collectively towards growing our dynamic and inclusive learning community.

In this section of the website, you can find school policies, windows into your child’s classroom and quick links to useful information. Peruse the tabs and see the links below for a quick start. If we missed anything, or you would like something added to this section, please email marketing here >.



Administration Cheat Sheet >
Can’t figure out who to call for what? Print and post this oo your fridge to get to the right person.

Camp Josepho Weekend Schedule >
The entire school community is invited to attend our back to school camp over and picnic. Download the schedule of events.

RSVP for the All School Camp Over at Camp Josepho >