Little Dolphins by the Sea is Seven Arrows’ preschool and offers a program based on the belief that the arts are fundamental to the development of children. The preschool promotes early imaginative learning through hands-on experiences in visual arts, theatre, and music for the purpose of fostering understanding through cultural enrichment.

For 18 years, Little Dolphins has offered a rich preschool curriculum focused on the arts and experiential learning; promoting a philosophy designed to reach the inner spirit of each child through creative exploration in dance, music, art, nature, drama, literature and athletics.

In 2008, Little Dolphins found a new home in the city of Santa Monica, relocating to 1812 Stanford Street. It has had tremendous success continuing its magical program this past year in its new location. The move offered many opportunities for the school to grow in size and scope. If you are interested in learning more about Little Dolphins and their program, you can visit their website here.