The music program at Seven Arrows is an essential and integral part of our curriculum under the tutelage of two superbly qualified teachers. Music is included in virtually all community events and ceremonies, including the weekly all-school Kuyam assemblies, our Global Festivals, graduation, and even athletic events.

Seven Arrows employs a variety of instructional methods for teaching music, each of which is outlined below.

• The Fundamentals of Music and Theory
• Music Appreciation and History
• Vocal/Choir Training
• Recorder, Keyboard, and Dulcimer
• Orff Instrumentarium
• Drum Circle
• Music and Movement
• The Sixth Grade Band

Seven Arrows embraces the notion that musical intelligence has a positive impact on many other intelligences. The program challenges students to develop a fundamental understanding and appreciation of music through hands-on instruction based on basic musical concepts and performance opportunities. Our goal is to inspire students to become listeners, performers, appreciators, and creators of music. Through theory-based games, rehearsals, and performances, students learn teamwork, goal setting, public speaking, responsibility and the utilization of their own creativity.

Starting from kindergarten, students sing and play instruments, become aware of the basic expressive elements of music, and learn to create movements in response to music that helps them connect to dance and discern variations in rhythm, tempo, and dynamics. Students begin their creative work in music as they learn and perform musical pieces.

The program covers a wide range of repertoire and genres ranging from classical to popular music, highlighting the cultural and historical significance of music, and the role it plays in societies around the globe.

Students in grades kindergarten through grade five enjoy two music classes per week, and sixth graders have one class for an extended period of time (1.5 hours). This weekly time allocation to music excludes special practices and actual performance times such as Kuyams and festivals.


Our sixth graders form the Sixth Grade Band that is founded on opportunities for choice, creativity and autonomy within a clearly defined structure. Students in all grades look forward to this special and unique opportunity in their last year at Seven Arrows. Sixth graders learn invaluable lessons in teamwork, discipline, and patience as they work together to create a polished ensemble sound. The class divides all responsibilities normally associated with a band. The class also learns about band management, song writing, marketing and promotion. The sixth grade band performs several times throughout the year, including at Kuyams and a special performance during their graduation. Sixth graders may choose to compose an original piece of music or may write new lyrics for an existing song; it is really up to them to take the band where they want it to go!