To experience a Kuyam is to experience Seven Arrows’ ethos and one of our most celebrated signature pieces. Derived from the ancient Chumash word meaning “assembly or time for gathering,” the weekly Kuyam is an all-school assembly where students, parents, faculty, staff and guests come together as a community to celebrate the creativity and strengths of our students.

Held every Friday morning from 8:15 to 9:00 AM, the entirety of the Seven Arrows community comes together for this weekly ritual where all members aim to be “fully present” for the enjoyment of music, poetry, class performances, individual presentations, and the general celebration of children and life at school. Our music teachers lead the volunteer parent band who perform a variety of songs including our school anthem, and students perform poetry readings, character sketches, present Ethical Leadership projects, and other curriculum-based renditions.

Though no two Kuyams are ever alike, the goal is always the same: to provide opportunities for leadership, public speaking, and performance for our students and to celebrate the community experience at Seven Arrows. Past participants and special guests at Kuyams have included Olympic medalists, Nobel-prize winning scientists, authors of children’s books, famous musicians, poets and other renowned and inspiring guests.