A Seven Arrows education introduces students to the concept of living in a global community by having the traditions and practices of world cultures integrated into the educational experience. As part of this integrated approach, we regularly hold school-wide global festivals that expose our students to concepts of culture and diversity in a fun, meaningful, expressive, and above all, authentic way.

The festivals, held at various times throughout the year, invite children to explore and experience traditions from around the world and immerse themselves in foreign cultures. Students’ participation in the staging and enactment of these festivals allows them the opportunity to learn about the history, literature, art and geography of different countries and enjoy traditional festivities in a similar manner that children do in other parts of the world.

Seven Arrows festivals are in no way expressions or endorsements of any particular religion or set of beliefs. They merely expose our students to the beauty that can be found in other cultures while expanding their understanding of their place in the global community.

Some festivals, such as El Día de los Muertos and Masquerade are celebrated every year, while others are new or celebrated every few years as we aim to broaden our worldview and introduce other traditions and cultures into our school environment. New festivals are added based upon student and parent/volunteer passions and backgrounds.

Annual Festivals:

El Día de los Muertos and Street Fiesta Learn more >
Our first staple festival of the year brings to life our Spanish program integrated with language, literature, and poetry; fine art; music; dance; dramatic performance; and so much more! El Diá de los Muertos is a colorful and happy holiday that celebrates and honors the dead and our ancestors. Through integration and hands-on, joyful learning, students delve into the significance of this important holiday celebrated in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Masquerade Learn more >
The Masquerade is Seven Arrows’ most integrated and important festival of the year and is typically held in the spring. Students learn about their global cultural history units and the characters they are to become for a day. The Masquerade festival is an integral part of Seven Arrows culture. It’s much more than a festival. The Masquerade is the culminating performance task for our global cultural history curriculum for each grade level.

African American Cultural Celebration
African American Culture and contributions are celebrated during a special Kuyam each February in remembrance of the contribuLons of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. Over the past few years, our Seven Arrows Elementary celebraLon of Black History has evolved into an integraLon with art, music, dance, and other schools and neighborhoods of our greater Los Angeles community. Guests artists have performed or collaborated with our students to create unique works inspired by some of the best moments in African American history.

The Indian Holi celebration is the honoring and welcoming of the spring season. In commemorating this colorful and lively holiday, the children do art projects, perform tradiLonal dances in authentic adre, sing songs, and perform some of the activities that occur in India during this holiday. Even some Seven Arrows mothers and fathers who are interested in participating are able and welcome to do so by learning some dances that are performed for our community during the festival! Holi is a biannual festival.

Winter Festival
Held annually in December, Winter Festival brings traditions of various countries to life. One thing we all have in common is that we all observe in some way shape or form around the time of the winter solstice. Winter Festival demonstrates the diversity in our community and is a fun way to celebrate how we all observe the season.