When children are provided with creative movement problems that involve the selection of movement choices, they learn to think in the concrete reality of movement. Learning the art of dance helps young children develop knowledge, skill, and an understanding of the world.

In addition, dance helps children flourish in literacy, with the road to literacy involving the translation of movement expression and communication into words. And learning language and learning dance are not separate threads, but are incorporated together into a fabric of communication and understanding.

With the mission of Seven Arrows to teach and promote passion for learning, academic excellence, and a commitment to local and global communities, dance is essential to our philosophy. By having an annual “Day of the Dead” performance, where students also learn about another culture, dance not only provides young children multiple perspectives, but proves to be a foundation of experience necessary for future development of more advanced skills, ones that will lead to achieving a fulfilled life.

In essence, the dance program at Seven Arrows, helps our students to develop knowledge, skill, and an understanding about the world. In addition, dance is a springboard to creativity. As Maya Angelou once said, “Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.”