Founded in 1999, Seven Arrows Elementary is known for a powerful K-6 liberal arts education that fuses rigorous academics with world culture and the arts.  We are small by design to provide our students with the best possible social/emotional and individualized experiences and to support interconnectedness among students across grade levels.

We are a school community committed to brain research, child development, and the latest and best pedagogical practices. Our school community maintains that meaningful education is ever-evolving and responsive. We incorporate progressive, traditional and research-based pedagogies to deliver a meaningful and positive educational experience for each child. In fact, each student at Seven Arrows has a personalized learning plan that charts their areas of growth and moves at their individual pace.

Nestled in the Village of Pacific Palisades, CA, our south campus is the nucleus of instruction, enrichment, and community-building. Our new north campus, recently acquired to support our cross-disciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music (STEAM) labs, is a launchpad for innovation.

You can find Seven Arrows students at the most competitive independent schools in our city. They enter college as natural leaders, innovators and lifelong learners. They stay curious and connected to the world they will one day inherit.

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